How we raise our sheep

An alternative approach

Many lambs are grass-fed and grain finished, but our lambs are completely grass-fed on a pasture rotation plan. Therefore, they are raised slowly to maturity which produces a wonderful, mild flavor that will surprise you if you have never had this type of lamb before.

How we raise our pigs

Our pigs are raised to produce pork that is very different from conventional pork. We raise Berkshire pigs, a heritage breed, acclaimed for their toothsome flavor. We take pride in the unique diet offered to our pigs. The pigs move between native grass pastures, specially seeded perennial pastures, and fields seeded with flavor-enhancing annual crops. On this fresh pasture rotation the pigs can munch on grasses, roots, and herbs, and lead happy lives rooting around, wallowing, and playing together.

In addition, our pigs are fed seasonal fruits and vegetables. Each season offers distinct feeding options and one-of-a-kind flavor opportunities. We supplement our pigs with our own carefully crafted Montana grown organic grain mixes (no corn or soy), mixed and ground on our farm, along with stillage from Montgomery Distillery and brewery grain from local brewers.

Pork, more than any other meat, gives one the taste of the place, season, and husbandry style in which the animal is raised. We want you to taste the unique quality of Tucker Family Farm pork.